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Newly updated Dogtra 1900S WETLANDS Waterproof Remote E-Collar now with Boost & Safety Level Lock.

This hunting remote e-collar is designed for waterfowlers features a IPX9K waterproof rating ready for your next gundog adventure. The 1900S WETLANDS is a 1-dog e-collar system designed for large hunting dog breeds 35 pounds and above with a high output and long range training functions.  
1900S WETLANDS E-Collar Features:

  • Waterfowl Camo Finish E-Collar

  • Fully Waterproof IPX9K Rating

  • Training Functions: Nick, Continuous, HPP Vibration & Boost-NEW!

  • Safety Level Lock-NEW!

  • 127 Level High Output Large Hunting Dogs 35 lbs+

  • ¾ Mile Long Range Dog Remote Collar Training

  • Ergonomic Curved Collar

The 1900S WETLANDS Waterproof Remote E-Collar receiver is also IPX9K waterproof certified, the highest waterproof level. With its longer range and proven durability, the Dogtra 1900S WETLANDS comes with a waterfowl camo finish enhanced tactical fit and aesthetics to excel in the most demanding training conditions for waterfowl hunting. 

This unit has been tested and has received a waterproof rating of IPX9K. The Ingress Protection (IP) rating classifies the level of protection provided by the exterior casing and electrical enclosures against a variety of elements. Dogtra's IPX9K rating has been specifically tested for waterproof protection. This unit was tested at close range using powerful water jets with high pressure and high temperature over various points. 


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