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  • Expandable E-Collar up to 2-Dogs

  • HANDSFREE Dog Training Square Bluetooth Technology

  • Training Functions: Nick, Continuous, Vibration & Boost-NEW!

  • Safety Level Lock-NEW!

  • 127 Level Medium Output for Small, Medium & Large Dogs 15 lbs+

  • ¾ Mile Long Range Dog Remote Collar Training

  • Slim Lightweight Ergonomic Curved Collar

  • Fully Waterproof E-Collar IPX9K System

Handsfree Training Square:
Dog owners can now train without having to reach down for their remote.

  • Each training square can be paired to different functions:
    Nick, Continuous, Vibration & BOOST

  • Pair up to 14 TRAINING SQUARES to your remote

  • Square must be 33 feet of the remote to operate

The ¾-mile range ARC HANDSFREE PLUS is slim lightweight IPX9K waterproof remote collar making it durable and reliable for demanding training conditions. The system also offers 127 Nick/Constant stimulation levels for precise control and a Pager vibration, making it the perfect tool for your training.


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