Dakota 283 Dine N Dash Feeding System

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The Dakota 283 Dine N Dash is an excellent way to keep your pet's food supply mobile. Originally designed for hunters, this portable food and water dish holds up to 2.5 gallons of water and half a gallon (~8 cups) of dry food. Even a few dogs will be well off for a day of hunting or a weekend camping trip. The Dine N Dash is designed with a large 8-inch twist lid that seals in dry or wet food. The rest of the unit is hollow, holding up to 2.5 gallons of water. To use the water bowl, lift the handle end and remove the rubber plug and store on the bottom of the unit. Once on the ground, water will continuously backfill to ensure your dog doesn’t run out. When it's time to go, tilt the unit up to return leftover water inside the carrier and push the plug back in place. It's great for trips to the woods, fields, vacation, or even just as a regular food and water station at home. The Dine N Dash is designed with the same process as military cargo cases and industrial tanks, so it is tough. Toss it in the back of the truck without care it will crack or break. Its plastic construction is not only durable but safe and BPA-free. The Dine N Dash is the ultimate mobile pet bistro.


Product Features:

  • Portable pet food and watering container
    2.5 Gallon water capacity
  • Holds roughly 8 cups of food
  • Food is secured in a recessed cavity, so it never gets wet
    Large 8" twist lid seals in food
  • Rubber plug conveniently stores in the bottom while not in use
  • Weatherproof and crush resistant