DAKOTA 283 T1 Kennel - Coyote Granite

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The Dakota T1 Kennel has a lower profile than our standard kennels and is designed to easily fit in the back of a pickup under a Tonneau cover. Built for small to medium breed dogs, this Kennel is significantly lighter than the original Kennebec model and features a rear handle for easy lifting. It is molded in one solid piece and available in 2 colors.

Product Features:

  • Small/Medium Size
  • Compatible with most Tonneau Covers
  • Rear Positioned Easy-Grip Handle
  • Keyed Paddle Latching Door
  • Large Side Ventilation Holes
  • Easy-to-Clean Drain Hole
  • Medium: Size: 30L x 21.5W x 20H / Weights: 25 lbs.